I am a professional photographer that LOVES LOVES my job. My style is non-traditional with extreme crops. Photography that will make you laugh and cry. I try to capture the realness of you! I am a sucker for close ups. Eyes are my favorite. As you look through my site you will see I don’t use a lot of props. The ones I do, come from you. I do have an obsession with hats, chairs and baskets. If you come in with funky shoes I will get a shot of them. It’s you, right now at this moment. I want to capture the things that will be long gone 5 years from now. Think about it…your belly full with a new life, the missing teeth, the little curls, rolls on your baby (you know the one I am talking about) the painted finger nails, how big daddy's hands are with your new baby. It will just be a memory five years from now. I feel I am playful and easy going some might say I am a free sprit. I love to laugh. My sessions are filled with laughter. We will have fun during your session. This is my GOAL! Jenn