Monday, June 04, 2018
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We want to take this opportunity to say Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! And just in time for Father’s Day... Dads will love our Mini Leather Wrap Albums, especially the navy Diamonds style and the natural Primitive style. Give me a call to get yours ordered.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018
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Working with a makeup artist & hairstylist-

Jenn: What is your background?  Where did you learn to apply makeup?

Evan: I have been doing makeup for about 4 years now, I first became interested in it when I was a cheerleader for Cheer Athletics. Everyone there was crazy good at makeup and I wanted to look like them, so I started practicing and experimenting on myself. After I started getting good at that I had family and friends asking me to do makeup on them for fun, after a few months of that I had the opportunity to study under a runway model makeup artist. I worked under her for a little over a year and she taught me so many new techniques and methods. She taught me how to properly apply makeup to be flattering on all ages, skin types, and bone structures.


Jenn: What is it that you love about doing professional make up?

Evan: My absolute favorite part of doing professional makeup is making people feel beautiful, I know it sounds cheesy, but the most amazing feeling to me is finishing with someone’s makeup and them looking in the mirror and seeing their face light up because they feel confident and stunning. It makes my heart happy.  



Jenn: What should clients bring with them when they show up to their makeup session?

Evan: Typically I provide everything that I need to do a whole face with lashes. I do ask that if clients tan a lot or are very dark completed that they bring their own foundation. I almost always have a color to match but sometimes those skin tones can be tricky, so better to be safe than sorry! I also ask that prior to their appointment they send me pictures of how they are wanting their makeup done and a picture of themselves so I can make sure I’ve got everything I will need.


Jenn: Why do you feel professional make up is important during senior portraits?

Evan: Professional makeup is so important for senior portraits for so many reasons.  Photo shoot makeup is different than every day makeup, the way it is applied has to be adjusted to ensure blemishes and flaws are masked seamlessly. It has to be applied in a way that there won’t be any flashback due to the bright lights. Also, there are some occasions especially during the summer, when the weather/temperature may not be ideal. Professional makeup will last through the sweat, hours of posing, etc.


Jenn: Can you duplicate a makeup look from pictures in a magazine?

Evan: I absolutely can! I actually try to get pictures from all of my clients ahead of time so I can make sure that I have everything that I will need to get exactly the look they want. I can replicate photos easily, but I do want my clients to understand that sometimes the girl in the photo may have a different bone structure or face shape so we may have to make some adjustments accordingly.


Jenn: What do you charge? What methods of payment do you accept?

Evan: I charge $35 for makeup and $35 for hair. I accept cash or check only.


Jenn: How long will it take to do hair and makeup?

Evan: Typically makeup takes 30-45 minutes and hair takes 30-45 minutes. This depends on what they are wanting done, the simpler the hair and makeup the less time it will take and vice versa.


Jenn: What kinds/brands of products do you use?

Evan: I use a pretty wide variety of products from both high end brands and drug store brands. Some of my most common are L’Oréal, Anastasia Beverley Hills, Morphe, Maybelline, Kat Von D, Stila, Lorac, and Too Faced.


Jenn: What if the client has skin allergies or severe acne. Can you work with them?

Evan: I can work with skin allergies, I just need to know in advance so I can plan accordingly. Severe acne isn’t a problem either, but again I need to know in advance to ensure I bring the right products.


Jenn: Do you airbrush? Can you contour my face?

Evan: I currently do not airbrush, I am looking into it though so hopefully soon that will be an option. Yes! I contour every single client to some degree depending on the look we are going for.


Jenn: Do you apply false lashes?

Evan: I prefer to put lashes on all of my clients, lashes just pull a look together, they are the finishing touch that puts it over the top. I always bring several different sizes and options for lashes to best fit each clients comfort level.


Jenn: How do you prep the skin for long lasting sessions?

Evan: I ask that the client has a completely clean face, and that means making sure all mascara from the previous day is gone! ;) they should wash their face that morning and apply a moisturizer and that’s all. When they get to their session I will apply a primer before we do foundation. I also use powders and setting sprays to ensure it stays put all day.


Jenn: What do you advise the client on regarding touching up makeup during the shoot?

Evan: Usually my makeup doesn’t need to be touched up, however they can use a translucent powder to touch up if they are feeling oily. Lips will likely have to be touched up if they eat/drink anything which can just be done over top of what’s there. My biggest piece of advice though is if you get sweaty, or feel oily, or like you need to touch your face at all- DON’T RUB YOUR FACE. Use a blotting or patting motion and everything will be okay J 


Let’s Talk Hair


Jenn: Do you do soft curls on all the girls, or do you let the girls give you hairstyles?

Evan: Most of my clients usually lean towards soft curls since it’s flattering on most everyone. I can do other hairstyles as well, but if they are wanting something other than soft curls I will need pictures a couple of weeks before hand to ensure I have time to get the supplies I need.


 Jenn: We shoot mostly summer sessions and you know how hot it gets in Arkansas. Do you have any tips to keep the girls hair from frizzing?

Evan: Mostly keeping hair from frizzing in humidity has to do with preventative measures from home. If you are concerned with humidity before your shoot the day prior shampoo and condition your has as usual, make sure you wash your conditioner out in cool water. Then apply an oil or blow dry spray (a light spray in like argon oil would be a good choice), and blow dry and straighten your hair. This will help keep the hair smooth, between that and the heat styling and hairspray that we will use at your session it should stay calm. Just remember that everyone’s hair is different and will react differently to humidity but we will do our best to keep it under control!


Thanks Evan! 


If you have any questions or comments for Evan just add them in the comment section below. 










Monday, January 29, 2018
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Our first annual Winter Berry styled session went very good. It was cold that morning but warmed up pretty nice. Sunday was very cold but the girls and I made it work. We would do a couple shots then run and get in the car to warm up. lol We made it work and the images are so worth it. 


Friday, November 10, 2017
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It was such a pleasure to photograph this beautiful family at Madison's 6 month session.


Wednesday, November 01, 2017
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 I really think this fall is going to be really colorful. (bring on the rain) The trees are starting to turn and  I'm so excited to get started in my busy season. EVERYONE wants fall family pictures. I don't blame them. Arkansas is so pretty this time of year.

Ok back to the O'hare family. Aren't they the cutest little family? Brandy did really good at putting their clothes together. Letting Curtis keep his hat on was a good decision. Listen, people, if your husband or son wears a hat all the time and doesn't want to take it off for pictures that's OK! Believe me if you make them take it off they will hate it and honestly, it will show through in the image. No matter what I do. So pick your battles on picture day is all I'm saying.