The O'Hare Family
Wednesday, November 01, 2017
By The Click Chick
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 I really think this fall is going to be really colorful. (bring on the rain) The trees are starting to turn and  I'm so excited to get started in my busy season. EVERYONE wants fall family pictures. I don't blame them. Arkansas is so pretty this time of year.

Ok back to the O'hare family. Aren't they the cutest little family? Brandy did really good at putting their clothes together. Letting Curtis keep his hat on was a good decision. Listen, people, if your husband or son wears a hat all the time and doesn't want to take it off for pictures that's OK! Believe me if you make them take it off they will hate it and honestly, it will show through in the image. No matter what I do. So pick your battles on picture day is all I'm saying.

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